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I cannot believe that Adrian’s Perfect Labrador Puppies are already 7.5 weeks old! We are gearing up to head home next week, and we enjoy the last week SO much. Watching them run around, tumbling and turning… watching them play outside, becoming more independent… watching them LOVE the water. It’s just so fun. Adrian is such a sweetheart that we were especially interested to see how her pups would turn out.

This post I’ll be sharing updated pictures of Adrian’s Girls, and they are perfect little puppies.

Miss Orange

Sweet Labrador Puppy
“Hey, what’s that?!”

Curious Lab Puppy

Miss Purple

That face! TRY to say “no”… I dare you.
English Labrador puppy
She literally fell asleep in his hands…. swoon

Miss Red

Sweet as sugar
Watching my daughter closely… this little one is loyal, just like her mama Adrian!
Labrador Kisses!

Miss Yellow

Gorgeous English Lab Puppy
Showing off that English Profile

Miss Pink

Cuddly Labrador Puppy

I’ll send the boys out tonight or tomorrow. Until then…

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