Jasmine – our sweet and playful girl – a black English Labrador retriever

Black English Labrador
Jazzy and her boy, enjoying the wide open

Jasmine is our sweet and playful girl, with a gorgeous shiny black coat, dazzling amber eyes, and the sweetest disposition. In many ways, she looks like Piper’s twin. These two are two of the most stunning black English Labrador retrievers we’ve ever seen, and we are so proud they are ours.

Jasmine, who we now almost exclusively refer to as “Jazzy”, has been in our program for a *very long time now. Many of you have anxiously awaited her first Kindred Pup litter of English Labrador Puppies, and we are so glad to say they have finally arrived. Jasmine and Fransisco’s Freshman litter will be sending home their AKC Labrador Puppies in early July. They are all black, chunky as can be, and doing very well already. We plan to introduce their puppies over the next couple of days, but today we wanted to highlight Jasmine, Jazzy, a near perfect English Labrador.

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Jazzy and all of Kindred Pup Family have been loving our new life in Central Tennessee. The two legged Kindred Pup Fam has already been to Nashville, Knoxville and Atlanta (yay!!) and Chattanooga is next on our list. We are so thrilled to still have heard from so many of our Colorado followers who are interested in our Kindred Pup puppies and thankful to already be in contact with some folks out here. We do have puppies available to go home in June and July, so email me if you are interested! Want to see our Upcoming Puppy Page? Click here to Jump on over!

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Jasmine’s cheery Labrador Face

We just LOVE the shape of Jasmine’s head – it’s blocky and wide, especially for a female English Lab, and yet retains that lovable and friendly look we love so much in our labradors. Her ears perk up in just the most precious way, and her eyes are so striking!

Jasmine walking on leash

Jasmine has been enjoying a few minutes here and there away from her puppies as we try to teach her about this new wide world she lives in. Let me tell you: this active and playful girl is LOVING a life with no fences, but teaching her to walk and stay without a leash was very important to us. Thankfully she learned very quickly and we have no worries about Jazzy out in the fields with us now. Do you see her thick Otter Tail and stocky frame in the pic above?

Happy Jazzy

This happy labrador is always up for a belly rub or jog, time on the couch or a hike, and is just the exact demeanor we want for our pups. (Can you see her summer coat coming through her winter one? The transition to her newer Tennessee Summer coat is in full swing and she is LOVING us brushing and primping to help it along.)

Jasmine at alert

While Jasmine is happy as a clam, she is also an alert and intelligent dog who would have done well hunting. Her laser focus and eager-to-please attitude make her a prime candidate for any sport, and I’m sure her pups will be the same.

I sometimes refer to a few of our labs as “protective” – a comment that seems to have caused some confusion for our followers. “Protective” and “loyal” in a Labrador retriever are different traits than a German Shepherd. A Protective Labrador, like Jasmine, is very aware of her surroundings and her hoomans, and “guards” as you see in this photo above. We have never had a single issue with our labradors being aggressive – but I do feel safe knowing there is always a Kindred Pup standing guard of my family.

Leash Free

Sweet Jasmine so quickly learned about her new Perimeter here in the country and easily transitioned to us not holding her leash at all and then to it being taken off completely. I love an intelligent lab.

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  1. What a beautiful girl. Just gorgeous. Can’t wait to see her and Fransisco’s pups. <3

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