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Our much awaited litter has arrived! they are healthy, thriving and beautiful. we are so thrilled with how they are progressing and how molly has been as a mama.

Even though their little noses and paws will be black, they are still born with all that light coloring. It is absolutely amazing to watch the puppies in their whelping box. Their eyes closed. Their back legs being drug along by their front legs as they feel for warmth with their noses. As soon as they find a sign of Mama they begin to swing their heads from side to side looking for a place to nurse. Mama Molly knows just what they need; she licks their bottoms to help them eliminate waste (they are unable to do so on their own at this stage) and the relief and attention often puts them right to sleep.

Molly seems to have a list in her head somewhere of which pups have and have not been attended to and moves the babies with her nose to get to the ones that need her.

Their little squeals sound almost like the “meowing” sounds of a cat. These types of vocalizations are called et-epimeletic sounds, and they are intended to elicit a sympathetic response from adults. Boy does it work!


Yellow Lab
Labrador Puppy
Newborn Puppy
Sweet Yellow Labrador Puppy
Yellow Labrador
Pure Bred Labrador

We are starting to see their little personalities emerge! and we are super thankful that molly trusts us enough to let us handle these sweet pups so early. they are getting lots of cuddle time already!

we are looking forward to the next stage of the puppies’ lives! keep watching the blog for updates.

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