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All of our sweet pups have been spoken for and are very soon able to head to their new families!

As a breeder you always hope (and do your best to ensure) that pups will find amazing homes with owners who will love them as much as you do. I am so happy to feel that this is the case with this litter.

We are right in the throws of Puppyness over here, doing some training and making sure the pups get plenty of attention. We began “manding” training recently, and all the puppies have done wonderfully! I’ll try to get some pictures up for you soon of that process.


Would you like to know more about manding? manding is a process that is used in Puppy Culture to help encourage the dog to get food and/or attention by sitting nicely, as opposed to jumping or barking. i found a video on youtube that shows the process in action, and, again, hope to have a video of our own experience up soon.



If you are looking for a program to help you with your puppies between 8-12 weeks, i highly suggest you check out Puppy Culture. while most of the info is for the breeder, I think it would still be helpful for the forever family to know what has been started with the pups. You can find Puppy Culture here.

Until next time, Kindred Pup Family!


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