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This unusually warm January weather has been so wonderful for our sweet winter pups! they’ve enjoyed their outdoor time immensely, and settle in for nice long naps afterward.

It’s so fun to watch them discover new toys and get a little faster trot each time we are outside. Even though winter and pups (and my boys, eh hem) have all but destroyed our lawn, they don’t seem to mind the dirt. They tumble and get back up again without hardly skipping a beat!


Molly teaches her pups about her favorite “toy”

The pups are becoming less and less “molly’s babies” and more and more “molly’s playmates”. I just can’t tell you how fun it is to watch molly teach these little guys the ropes.

Molly Supervises the action

The puppies are almost done nursing now, but Molly has proven to be a very sweet mama, allowing them to nurse even though thier puppy teeth must hurt! It’s best for puppies to nurse as long as mama will allow, so we are thrilled that these 7 week olds are getting the chance!


Weaning her pups

One of my favorite things to see is when Mama settles down with a few of them and them jumps up to run and tempt them to “chase” her. They don’t need much tempting, as you can imagine, and there is more than one tumble in the process.

Puppies chase Mama

The pups have all done well with their recall training – getting them to come to you on command. they aren’t perfect at it, of course, as they are very young. But affectionate and smart puppies do well with this as long as there are loving and rewarding owners. Mr. Green even left that ball behind to come to me! Good boy.

**Have you all read about “exchange training”? Getting the puppy to drop what they are currently into without any aggression or guarding by exchanging it for something else? This definitely helps puppies not to be as aggressive with young kiddos who like to grab toys away from their furry friends. I highly suggest you read up on this amazing tool!

Mr. Green finds a toy!
Mr. Green getting good at recall


Updates will be going out to our Kindred Pup families in the coming days! Only a week until they can be picked up!

That’s all for now! Until next time…

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