Early this past Sunday morning, June 16th, Molly delivered her first pup. And I mean early – just before 2 AM. All the puppies were born and happily nursing and resting with mama by 3 PM.

Molly has already been an amazing mama to this litter of 6 which includes 4 males and 2 females. (For more info on our available puppies, check here.) They are gaining weight well and already showing their strength.

To make the whole thing sweeter, they share their birthday with my second son, Elijah, who turned 11 that same day. I can’t even tell you how much he was hoping for that. Birthday festivities were postponed for the following evening, and the family enjoyed the whole experience.

There aren’t many pictures to show yet, as I don’t like to take pups away from Mama very soon, but I hope to update you with pictures of these labrador puppies in the next couple of days.

Their dew claws and initial health check were done today, and as for now there is lots of rest and cuddles in our future.

Until next time!

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