You know, even though I am a breeder, I’m just not entirely sure that the details of a breeding are meant to be read and published in a blog. Suffice it to say, the owners of Stud dogs have their work cut out for them and they are worth every dollar. At least mine is. (Check out Karen’s breeding program for info on Heatherdowns!)

But I will share this little tidbit, G rated of course, for any who are interested. We dropped Molly off with Karen for her scheduled “date” with Bronxx. Since Molly had done really well staying with Karen last year, and had already had a successful mating with Bronxx, I didn’t think much of it, actually. I chatted with Karen, pet the pups, signed some paperwork, and left the rest to Karen and her judgment.

Much to my surprise (and Karen’s!) Molly would not accept Bronxx. I had no idea that a dog could have such a preference, but, apparently, Molly had her eyes set on Bronxx’s younger brother Manny. Manhatten is a beautiful lab, and they’re a great match. After much discussion and looking at health and pedigree matches, we decided on allowing the match, and are expecting a Molly/Manny litter in June.

Silly me for underestimating Molly’s tastes! Until next time…

Want more info on this upcoming litter? Click here.

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