These sweet little lab pups are 5 days old already! Molly has done just a fantastic job feeding them, and all are gaining weight well, plumping up and scooting and rooting all over their whelping box! I am so surprised by their strength already and how quickly they move.

We get to start ENS soon (you can check out some of that info in this previous post or this one) which is super exciting! There will be more info in the coming days and weeks about our progress, but know that we are all working away to make sure that these Kindred Pups are the healthiest, most emotionally stable and resilient puppies around in Colorado.

As for now, melt with jealousy as I share this picture of this uber soft, sweetly chubby, roll-poly shaped puppy that I get to cuddle. I know, I know. You’re jealous. Don’t hate me.

Until next time…

Pure Bred Lab Pup
Mr. Orange – 5 days old

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