Molly's sweet newborn pups

I cannot believe we are only (roughly) one week out from Belle’s litter! Just one more! We couldn’t be more excited. She’s getting lots of extra love and she’s starting to root around in her whelping box where she’s been sleeping.

Remember, genetic possibilities include the all 3(4) colors from this litter! The Polar White deviant of yellow is the 4th possibility, and in just one more week we will know for sure what color English Labrador Puppies we have!

One of my favorite images of Molly teaching her young pup from previous litter

Manny and Belle should produce just gorgeous Labrador Puppies – English in style with big blocky heads and bodies, and a wonderful mix of playful and affectionate. We estimate pups from this litter to be large – with females in the high end of AKC range, 60-70+ pounds, and males at 80+. Remember these are only ESTIMATES! Just look at any family photo and you’ll see variations in height. 🙂

In other news, both Nala and Aspen are showing pre-heat signs, which you probably do NOT want to hear about. 😉 We expect that these best friends will be ready to go on their date with Manny sometime in the coming weeks.

Newborn Labrador retrievers

I will HAVE to get you a video of the two of these girls playing. They are a TOTAL crackup. They are SO similar in disposition – playful, eager to please and always in a good mood. They seem to even wrestle with a smile on their little faces.

They are both in the medium size category, part of why we’ve chosen to breed them to Bronx, although Aspen is bigger than Nala by a little bit. They have gorgeous builds and beautiful conformation for English Labradors and we cannot wait to see these gorgeous pups. We believe Nala’s lab puppies will bear various shades of yellow, while Aspen’s lab puppies will be very, very light cream to white. That’s our guess! We shall see!

We are also watching for Piper in the next month or so, and I’ll write more on her later.

You guys – labradors are truly wonderful dogs. I am so, so proud of the fact that we have a wonderful program that shows a wide variety of looks and sizes but all with impeccable health and temperaments. Some people love smaller, calmer Labrador retrievers. Others love big, blocky working dogs, with that Retriever “coolness” we all love so much. Some families prefer the smaller, shorter English lab, and others prefer the tall/lean American lab. But you guys – a beautiful conformation is amazing and health is of course required – but a PERFECT temperament is key – and we’ve got those in spades.

I can’t wait to have you all meet the girls! Because of the complications of COVID, I’ll be trying to get some nice videos of our Labrador retriever mamas up for you all.

Newborn Labrador Puppy
Sweet Yellow Labrador Puppy

I’m trying to keep up with inquiries, but again, if you don’t hear from me within a few days, try again. 🙂

Thanks everyone! There should be lab puppy cuteness filling your feeds and inboxes in no time.


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