Hi everyone! Before I discuss the Reservation List Closure, I want to thank everyone for your interest in our program. We LOVE what we do and are so very thankful for all of the families/people who have put their trust in us to breed and raise their perfect pet. Our Reservation List is full of wonderful, labrador loving families from Colorado and the surrounding states and I cannot wait to meet you all!

Now down to the point of this post: if you have been following us for a while you have seen that we recently changed our Reservation List processes. Our current model allows families to place a deposit for a labrador puppy, state their color/gender/personality preference, but not feel committed to their original preference. There are multiple reasons for our switch here, but let me briefly explain them again:

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Often times Mother Nature will snicker at us and our plans a bit and deliver a litter that doesn’t “match” our preference spots for color and/or gender. Sometimes Kindred Pup Reservation holders would prefer to have a lab puppy with different coloring or of another gender than no puppy at all. Sometimes, they like all colors and are more interested in the personality of a puppy or the timing of their labrador coming home than gender. Maybe their preferences aren’t that strong, or maybe they always thought they wanted a certain type of puppy and just fell in love with another one. The bond can be unexpected sometimes.

The point is – we want to allow as much flexibility for our families as we can, since bringing home a Labrador Puppy is a huge decision and commitment!

As of now, we have 20 spots taken, although I expect to receive 2 Deposits today and possibly a 3rd tomorrow. I also have several other interested parties moving forward.

We expect to CLOSE OUR RESERVATION LIST AT 25, which I imagine will be this week. We want to make clear to our current Kindred Pup families that nothing will change in the terms of our agreement for you all choosing your puppies, but we are considering a few tweaks to our system moving forward.

We hope to have those details cemented for anyone researching our program in the coming days – although with a litter due this week we may be distracted for a bit. Ha!

Thank you all for your patience and interest! Be sure to follow along on Facebook and Instagram and subscribe to the blog to get the fastest updates. This week we expect an Xray for Belle and puppies, yay! Which means your feed can be filled with cuteness if you click “like”. 🙂

Until next time! (And just for giggles….)


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  1. Love the looks of your labs. Obvious great genetics. Although not foremost in my mind but do you have a price schedule? Would like to get on the list. Thank you.

    1. Hi Rod! Nice to hear from you! I am hoping to be opening up our Reservation List sometime in the next month. I always open up to subscribers first. 🙂 Once the list is ready to be opened I will send out an informational email with our price for the upcoming litters and how many spots will be available.

      You should be able to Subscribe via the form on the bottom of the home page.


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