Thank you all for your enormous interest in our program! We have so enjoyed emailing with you, hearing your stories and how you’ve longed for a wonderful Labrador. I am absolutely thrilled at how wonderful our soon-to-be Kindred Pup families are!

We are considering making a few changes to our current set up for reservations but will make sure this does not affect our current families in anyway. Follow along for updates!

Meanwhile, Miss Belle is so very ready for these pups. She’s very slow these days, I’m attaching this picture of her outside today for your sympathy. I am also sharing a picture of her Xray today! For fun, see if you can count the number of beautiful heads and spines in this Xray. We will see what little four-legged blessings join us this week, but for now, have fun with this incredible picture.

A VERY pregnant Belle enjoying the weather…

And yes… Miss Belle has run of the house right now. She enjoys sitting out in the snow to cool off before coming in to cuddle. Yay!!

I’m guessing next post will be of beautiful labrador puppies!

Until then…

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  1. Hello. Is there a current list for upcoming litters? We live in Evergreen CO and recently lost our English lab ☹️ We are very actively wanting to get a female yellow English lab puppy.

    Mark and Heather Smith

    1. Hi Mark! Sorry to hear that. There should be a Subscribe option at the bottom of our main page. Once we are ready to add more names to our Reservation List, we will contact our Subscribers to open any spots. We hope to do so within the month.


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