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our puppies hit their 6 week birthday and we celebrated by playing outside in what snow was left over. really, it was more mud than snow. but they romped and played and had a ball.

Winter Play with Mama

I apologize for not having gotten better pictures/videos, but as you can imagine, lots of puppies plus mud was quite the mess! It was difficult to stop and say, wait! let’s get that shot!

All that mud made for the perfect time to give the pups their first “real” bath. Up until now, the pups have gotten by with Mama Molly licking them and us occasionally wiping them down with a warm damp cloth. But snow day? Yeah… time for a real bath.

We gathered our supplies, chose the dirtiest puppies first, and went to work.

Meeting the bathtub – treats in hand!

i must say these pups handled this new experience beautifully.

Can we just pause for a moment and appreciate this sweet little face, our Red Collar Girl, when she was finally able to get footing on the side of the tub? Swoon, right?!?!

Miss Red – First bath

Many puppies can feel afraid or overwhelmed at these new sensations – the bathtub, the water, getting all covered in suds. This can lead to fear, whimpering, shaking or even some forms of aggression. But these sweet puppies seem to have taken to this new stage with courage! We had no whining or shaking or aggression at all! We were absolutely thrilled with how they did.

All wet, but staying calm!

We followed up with a nail trim and some cuddle time and all the pups tuckered out for a nice long nap after that.

After Bath Cuddles
Sitting patiently waiting for nail trimming
Mr Yellow showing off his fresh and clean coat

as much as i’d like to have filmed our experience for you, we didn’t get the chance. remember the mud i was talking about? yeah… that got in the way a bit. but i did find this video online which is the exact same procedure we use and i thought you might find helpful.

Keeping all 7 of these sweet pups clean and fed and busy is no small feat! But as much work as it is, we are all wrapped around these little precious doggies and trying to soak up our last couple of weeks with them.

Do you have a favorite doggy/puppy shampoo that you love? We just look for the most natural and unscented one we can find that is safe for pups skin. Share your favorites!

Until next time!

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