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The weather seems to have finally shifted cooler here in colorado.

the leaves are gone too soon, probably due to that snow storm we had a few weeks ago. You know, the week before it was mid 70’s for 8 days. why isn’t fall 6 months long?

Our sweet Molly, born in the ukraine, isn’t minding the weather at all. she seems to enjoy romping outside no matter what and, like us, happily cozies up next to the fire to read or watch a movie.

These are cozy days, made all the more full with our sweet dog. She’s only got about 3 weeks left until puppies, and we are all so excited to have more “little Mollys” running around. (Although that will be a while.)

I am hoping the weather is cozy for you, too!


Puppy Nap
Labrador resting


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