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We are now right around two weeks away from Molly’s litter, and we are getting so excited to meet and love on these little pups!

Puppy love is all around our house these days as we watch videos, assemble whelping supplies, and love up our Lab.

all this sentiment has made us remember a mama dog we helped foster during her whelping a few years back, and looking at the pictures has just made us giddy with anticipation!

She was a sweet german shepherd and a very experienced mama dam and raised her small litter of 4 pups beautifully.

It’s so wonderful to see the puppies come out of their shells in their first few weeks of life and start to see and test their personalities a little. You can see early on which ones are the most playful and the most affectionate and the most curious. It requires constant attention to keep those little pups from sneaking under your TV cabinet or under the couch! They just love checking things out, don’t they?

Puppy Outside
Puppy getting bigger
Getting Attention
Puppy Love


You can, of course, check out info on Molly here. Or you can email us at: kindred.pup@yahoo.com.


Fall. Holiday Season. New Puppies. That’s pretty much happiness, isn’t it?


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