It’s been busy over here, as I mentioned last post. We have had so much interest in Molly’s next litter! It’s so wonderful to see how much people think of our Molly and her pups. I think she is just gorgeous, and her Sire, dear Kingsbridge Bronxx is a stud, too, is he not? (Pun intended.)

We are seeing signs of a coming heat – rummaging through boxes, wanting extra food, barking a little more, extra cuddly – all things she did before her last heat. We are so excited for the process again. Please check our upcoming litter page for information on availability.

But, there is also some other news in the works that I should be able to share here shortly. Stay tuned! In the meantime, here is another video for you to giggle at:

Just for fun

Stay tuned! I hope to have some info for you soon! Until next time.

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