Sorry, but there is NO difference between most baby toys and dog toys. LOL Comic credit to: Tom Armstrong over at Marvin & Family

It’s hard to remember that a lot of the things that dogs (but especially puppies) do are super normal, even if they are super annoying. Chewing on your shoes? They’re teething. Not perfectly house-trained? Still learning. How long did it take your kiddo to potty train with no accidents? Restless and hyper? Dogs need exercise, play and attention like they need food and water. Labs more than others!

SO…. what can be done? On a night when you walked in the door at 7, after work and a trip to the grocery store and you’re freezing and have a splitting headache? Hopefully there aren’t too many days like that, but your dog can’t understand your migraine. (Or can they??)

Well, thankfully there are plenty of WONDERFUL and reasonably priced toys out there. While nothing will alleviate the need for regular outdoor exercise, a labrador with toys to play with is often a happy-camper.

Here, the Canine Journal put together a list of the most popular dog toys, complete with links for easy purchase. (I don’t make anything off of this. I’m just sharing because I love labs, I love our puppies that have gone home, and I love our Kindred Pup parents, too.)

Ha! Comic credit to: Glenn and Gary McCoy, found at Cartoon Stock

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