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Nala’s Perfect Cream English Labrador puppies are a little over a week now, and just the cutest little bundles of creamy sweetness! A few pups have some yellow on them, and most pups darken a bit as they age, but these pups are glorious examples of “white” or “cream” or “Polar white” labrador pups.

English Cream Labrador retrievers
7 little puppies, all sleeping in a row

There are 4 females and 3 males in this litter, and so far they are all doing extremely well!

Remember that the first two weeks are the most critical, but we are very pleased with their growth and strength at this point.

Peaceful sweet faces of beautiful Pure Bred Labradors

They are making their little et-epimeletic sounds, pushing around for mama, cuddling up together, and working hard on growing! These cream colored pups still don’t have their eyes or ears open yet, but it will be here before you know it!

I just can’t get over the beautiful colors on these pups

Aren’t they stunning?!

We are already so pleased with Nala and Manny’s litter! Thanks again to all of you who have trusted us with raising your new family member! Start getting your puppy stuff ready! These next weeks are going to FLY by! And then… your perfect English Lab puppy will be home with you. Finally.

Until next time.

Fun additional info:

Polar Bear Labradors are just the palest shade of yellow, which is why some nearly all white labs will have patches of darker yellow on their coats. This is NOT ALBINO which carries some serious health risks. It is just a fun, unique and rare shade of yellow – and we think the contrast against the dark nose and eye tissue is just stunning.

Aspen - a nearly white Labrador retriever
You can see Aspen has some yellow in her ears but the majority of her body is white

From Labrador Training HQ: “Yes, White Labradors are very rare. Albinism is extremely rare in dogs, affecting maybe one in every 20,000. … White Labs are at the extreme color range available for these pooches, and it is required that both parents have and pass on the genes that allow for this extremely light color.”

You can also read more about these amazing Polar Bear Labrador retrievers here.

**Did you know that very light yellow pups look White? And that those labradors are called Polar Bear Labs, or Polar White Labs? Kind of fun, right?!

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