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When an english labrador is pregnant

It’s common for some female dogs (and, eh hem, other “species”) to exhibit aggressiveness and grouchiness during pregnancy, Molly has been the opposite. She’s starting to show some physical signs of pregnancy, and we are just three short weeks from her whelp date! But mainly, she’s been extra affectionate and very subdued. She still runs some and loves going on walks, but she seems to be laying extra low these days.

We are all eager to meet these pups of hers! You can check for litter updates here.


In the mean time, we are busily preparing for her whelping. In Colorado, the weather in November is unpredictable. Actually, weather in Colorado is unpredictable just about any time of year. So, this means we are preparing with multiple contingencies. The other dogs that we have helped whelp have wanted absolute privacy while birthing, so the best set up for us was in the garage with heat lamps and a discreet entry/observation area for us. This worked marvelously.

But not knowing exactly what the weather will be like, we also have the office room next to our bedroom ready to be made into our Puppy Birthing Center.

We also have been giving Molly NuVet Plus wafers for extra nutrition. Have you heard of them? They come passionately recommended. She sure seems to love them! Our vet and our colleagues in breeding swear by them.

If you’d like more information about NuVet, you can find them here.


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