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Puppies are just a few short weeks away!

We are thrilled to be expecting a new litter here in mid-november.

Puppies! You can of course check out upcoming litters here, but life with Molly is just beginning to change a bit. While we have heard that some mama dogs can get slightly more aggressive and show changes in temperament while pregnant, Molly has become all the more cuddly and sweet during the last week or two.


She’s on a wonderful dog food, recommended to us by our fantastic stud dog owner, Karen, called Fromm. You should definitely check it out at your local pet food store!

She is also taking NuVet Plus Canine Wafers throughout her pregnancy and whelping (and beyond). If  you do any significant research on puppy and dog health, it won’t take you long to find fans of NuVet. And for good reason. Google them, ask your vet, ask a dog enthusiast. These delicious little wafers come with rave reviews! You can check them out here. 


Contact us soon for top picks from this beautiful labrador litter!

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