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– the males

Here’s some Available Labrador Puppies – the males edition! Oh you guys, what a summer we have had! We’ve made so many new friends out here in Tennessee and we’ve found several great veterinarians – although I must say we still miss our Colorado vet dearly. We’ve taken down several names for winter litters and are finally getting a foot here in our new home state and region. We are so very thankful for still hearing from so many folks in Colorado and have sent pups back there regularly. 🙂

This is an update post to share our Available Labrador Puppies with you! Some of these pups are older, older than we’ve ever had puppies available in our program. Thankfully, we anticipated this and have extended our Kindred Pup Puppy School for older puppies.

Is there a benefit to getting a slightly older puppy? Well, let me count the ways:

  • First and foremost, our older pups have begun using a Doggy Door and are successful 98% of the time – a shocking success rate given their ages! Of course, this will digress some when they enter a new environment, but this head start is bound to make a huge difference to their new families!
  • The labrador puppies are also enjoying the Tennessee weather on the property where they explore nice, big, open spaces. Their romps in the grass and their chasing of the local birds and grasshoppers is absolutely hysterical, and we’ve so enjoyed our outdoor time with them.
  • The puppies have been keeping up their vaccination and deworming schedule here with us as well, which means these pups are even MORE protected for their go home than they would be at 8 weeks, which is such a nice bonus for a brand new lab puppy!
  • This batch of Labrador Puppies is just about too big for air transport at this point, with the exception of one or two of the black females. We do have two very light males from Belle that you may have seen on Instagram (You DO follow us on Instagram, don’t you?!) that will be available to go home next week! Yay!

Without further ado, here are our Available Labrador Puppies:

Bear Cub – Black Lab Male – 16 weeks old, Piper and Hank, estimated adult weight in the 70s

This precious black male labrador is just absolutely endearing. I dare anyone who meets him to not fall immediately in love with his loyal ways. He’s bound to make someone a new best friend – and don’t we all need that right now?

Bear Cub is the perfect companion and the calmest pup we’ve ever raised

Mr Green – Yellow Labrador Puppy – 13 weeks, Nala/Hank, estimated adult weight low to mid 80s

This gorgeous puppy is the darkest yellow we’ve ever had – he even borders on the Fox Red side! His redness is so striking and so lovely that I just know he will haunt me forever. His disposition is just as lovely – mature and eager to learn, moderate on the energy level and a beautifully soft coat. He’s a rare opportunity for a puppy from Kindred Pup, so don’t miss him!

Mr Gray – Yellow Labrador Pup – 13 weeks – Nala/Hank, estimated adult weight low 80’s

This happy fellow is just the definition of a Smile. He romps and rolls and plays until he’s ready to roll over in your lap for a belly rub, and with that face you can’t help but oblige. We love this guy for all the fun he brings and we know that he will spread that happiness to whatever home ends up with this little guy!

Available Labrador Puppies
Can’t get enough of this guy’s happy vibes

Aren’t these just beautiful Labrador Puppies?! I can hardly believe I haven’t found them the right homes. If you believe one of these gorgeous labrador males is yours, and you live within driving distance of Central Tennessee, fill out the form below and I’ll be back with you ASAP!

You can also head over to our Available puppy page for previous photos of these available labrador puppies, the females that are available now, and to read more about our program. To see that, click HERE.

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