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Update on our beautiful available lab puppies

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Hey everyone! I thought it was time for an Update on our Beautiful Available Lab Puppies. Mr Blue “Bear Cub” and Mr Green have been spoken for – YAY! We are so thrilled that they have found their perfect homes. We received so many inquiries on these pups – thank you all for your interest. I feel very confident that they found the right homes, and I know a few of you will be disappointed that they’ve been spoken for.

That still leaves Mr Gray (yellow labrador), these three black females from Jasmine’s amazing litter, and two yellow males from Belle’s litter. Nala and Jasmine’s pups are older and, as such, have begun using a “Doggy Door” and are responding beautifully to that and our Kindred Pup “Puppy School”. This gives them a BIG head start for when they transition to their homes.

These black English Lab Females are the most gentle little pups with our kiddos – I can’t say enough. Of course puppies nip and chase and get rowdy – but these girls in specific have been so gentle that I must mention it. Their dispositions are wonderful and their looks match! I expect these girls to reach into the 70 pound ranges.

Now for some photos:

Here are the parents of these lovely females:

If you think one of these lovely girls (or our available boys) is for you, fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch quickly! To see more photos and info on our Available Lab Puppies, click here!

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