Polar White Labrador Puppy
Polar White Lab

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In our program, the rarest color are our Polar White Labrador Puppies. While technically they are still “yellow” genetically, these pups have very, very light coloring and stay creamy white throughout their lives. Belle and Louie have given us not only Polar White Labrador Puppies, but polar whites that are Dudleys, also! (A “dudley” lab is a lab with a liver – tan – colored nose and tissue.)

Yesterday we promised we’d be introducing another puppy – here is a polar white pup that just epitomizes what it means to be a White Lab. This little guy is *available* although I expect he will be reserved within a few days as he’s been very popular. Write me soon for more info!

Dudley Polar White Lab Puppy

We expect this boy (and his brother, reserved, listed below) to reach into the 80 pound ranges and be wonderfully floppy and blocky. We are so excited for these little guys and their new families!

Available Dudley Labrador Puppies
Polar White Labrador Puppies
Dudley Lab Puppy
Polar White Labrador Puppies

I expect this boy will be reserved quickly, but fill out the form below if you are interested! We expect more polar whites this fall. You can also see our other available puppies here. (They are using a doggy door now and almost completely house-broken! GASP!) You can also see his brother, reserved, below.

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