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Have you seen Polar White English Lab Puppies? The Polar White is actually just the very lightest shade of yellow, genetically speaking, and they are striking. We’ve had such a good time with these pups and love our jobs!

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But what is the Kindred Pup difference? What makes a GREAT breeder? What should you look for when you’re searching for a great puppy to bring into your heart and home? Read on for our take.

When breeding and raising puppies, you want to make sure that you start with great pedigrees and excellent health history, of course. Then you need to honestly evaluate your Labrador retriever for temperament. This is especially hard because, well, you love them! I fall in love with every Labrador I see, and even harder for Lab puppies! But you have to honestly evaluate each potential breeding dog to see if their traits are worth passing on.

Sleepy English Labrador Puppy after a training session

After you have chosen a great pedigree and health history, been BRUTALLY honest about the character traits of the dog, chosen a mate whose strengths improve your dog’s weaknesses, now you get to raise puppies. And while happy, healthy, energetic Labrador Puppies are the cutest things ever, they need time and expertise to be raised correctly.

One of our sweet puppies in a balance exercise, trying to pout his way out of it

Labrador Puppies are usually very balanced – part of why they are America’s Favorite Breed. Every once in a while, though, a puppy will show signs of timidity or aggression (or similar) and it’s up to a GREAT breeder to help give experiences to give them confidence in those weak areas. This includes introducing the puppy to different challenges as they grow and age, and expertise to analyze weaknesses and readiness. This is just part of the Kindred Pup Difference.

Sweet Labrador Puppy, learning to “mind” for a treat

At Kindred Pup, we raise our Labradors differently. With great attention to detail and lots of hands-on time, we watch closely for their development. We strongly believe that a confident puppy with avoid 90% of all behavioral issues, not needing to “lash out” in aggression or “cower” from being overly timid. Exposure to the right set of challenges and stimuli at the right time brings maturity. We are thankful that we have seen that be the case in our program.

Cuddle Time with our Labrador Puppies

After every session with our pups, they are happily snuggled and cuddled so that they know they are safe, loved, and that we are proud of them. We are thankful for such affectionate pups and that the Labrador retriever is such an easy breed to train.

We may have pups available. Write to us at: for more info and subscribe below for more info on this glorious breed!

Did you see that we are planning a move to Tennessee? If you are out in that area (Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, etc.) let us know! We’d love to hear from you! And, as always, transportation is available. Just let us know!

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