I have been having a hard time describing to you just how beautiful Belle’s coloring is. It is dark, but rich, not ashy, and almost has a slight redness to it. It is truly the most beautiful coat I’ve seen from any chocolate labrador, anywhere. I think the Colorado labrador population is about to get even more beautiful. Her coat is also thick and warm and as soft as can be.

Today though, on my hunt for a photo that would accurately describe her coat, we were able to finally get an image that will almost do it justice. Please ignore that this isn’t the best photo – I was trying to communicate the beautiful color and shine! – but I think you want to see it!

Pure Bred Chocolate Labrador
Belle – our Gorgeous Chocolate Lab
Our Beautiful Chocolate Labrador

I cannot tell you how much we love this girl. She’s stalky, sweet, playful, STRONG (hence the leash out front! Ha!) and beautiful. I don’t think there are qualities in Pure-Bred Labradors that she doesn’t have! And since we are striving to breed the best Lab Retrievers we can, we are happy she’s ours.

For what it’s worth, take a look at the pic below. It is NOT MY DOG! This is a beautiful, titled chocolate labrador from California that comes up near the top for “Perfect Labrador Conformation”. GORGEOUS LABRADOR, right?! (Have you researched that? The AKC and other national registries have very intense opinions about what a “Beautiful Labrador Retriever” is. Look it up here! It’s super interesting!) Back to the point, this sweet dog below, again NOT MINE, looks an *awful lot like Belle, doesn’t it?! You decide, and let me know your thoughts!

chocolate labrador

Oh, and incidentally, we (and Belle!) were LOVING the beautiful Colorado weather today. We just love that Colorado delivers completely gorgeous, “go outside and embrace the day” days, even in December!

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Interested in our upcoming litters? Check here for more info! Want more pics of Belle and our other gals? Check here for our Leading Ladies!

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