This sweet girl, Layla, is one of Piper’s puppies and she has been staying with us this past week while her family is out of town, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Seeing as we usually send our pups home at 8 weeks old, a 9 week old Labrador is something we rarely see. And it is sweet as pie.

Since we have her here, we’ve been spending some time practicing recall and she’s learning her name already!

She is eager to please, happy to run and romp and happy to nap on your lap. In other words, a perfect puppy.

It’s also SO fun to watch their instincts come out. See, at 8 weeks they will chase a ball or your feet as you walk – ok, ESPECIALLY your feet as you walk – but as they grow they are noticing butterflies and birds and things outside that they hadn’t noticed before.

They are also MUCH faster now, and getting action shots is not nearly as easy as a couple of weeks ago. Here you can see that determined look in her eye as she eyes a bird that has just landed. “Let me go!!! I gotta RUN!”

It’s been so fun to get a taste of what the week after our pups head home is like.

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