Adrian’s beautiful chocolate and black puppies – the boys!

As promised, here are Adrian’s boys… beautiful, strong, blocky and still cuddly as can be. Just the way we like our labradors. We grabbed some photos of pups after their romp in the water today and some are still a bit wet, as you can see. They say Labradors love water – boy that’s true of these little ones!

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Light Green

Dark Blue

Light Blue

Aren’t they cute?! Did you get a chance to see their sisters? You can check them out here.

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  1. We are looking for a chocolate male puppie. We currently have Labs from LaMorris Labs and StormBlestKennels. Erika Allen (we got our last puppie from her and he is terrific She said you would have puppies in July
    Please contact Mark at 720-940-4251

    1. Hi Mark! I hear on FaceBook that you are thinking of waiting for a pup now. Is that correct? I wish you the best in your search! Feel free to reach out again in the future!

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