Happy Labrador
Our Beautiful Nala

Our sweet and mild English Labrador, Nala is a beautiful English built Labrador with the temperament to match. She is calm, sweet, affectionate, and protective of her home and crew. She is a medium size, with light creamy sides and slightly darker accent spots. Her coat is thick and beautiful, and the contrast to her nose and eye/mouth tissue is beautiful.

English Labrador retriever
Our beautiful girl – sitting nicely

Nala came to us from an excellent overseas breeder who is also a well-respected judge of Labrador retrievers and other breeds of dogs. Her dogs are highly sought after in Ukraine, Russia and Europe and we were thrilled to be selected by her for a dog from her program. Miss Nala is everything we hoped she would be!

Beautiful yellow labrador
Kindred Pup Labradors are eager to please

Nala is always happy. Always. And when she gets real excited, she taps her front paws back and forth like she’s dancing. It’s our very favorite thing!

Happy Labrador
Happy Nala, always smiling

Nala’s hips and elbows were grade A/0 by RKF and FCI, the Russian version of the AKC and OFA.

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  1. She sure is a beauty.

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