Piper and Hank’s Amazing Yellow English Labrador retrievers – I know our last post about Piper and Hank’s puppies wasn’t that long ago, but we spent a little time outside today during our enrichment time and I just HAD to show you these gorgeous Yellow English Males – aren’t they amazing? They have beautiful shades of yellow, soft coats and wonderfully wrinkly noses.

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Take a look at our Yellow Male English Lab Puppies:

These four chunky puppies are only just over a week old, but I can’t get over their shape, squishiness, and the softness of their coats. We love these little guys and can’t wait to see them grow!

More English Lab Puppy Photos:

At just over one week old, these little puppies don’t even have their eyes open yet! Very soon these little guys and their littermates will open those big, beautiful Labrador Eyes – you know, the ones we can’t say no to. But for now, we love the newborn stage just as much as we ever have.

Sleepy Yellow English Labrador Puppy

**Side note: thank you to all of our Kindred Pup families for reaching out during our move and sending texts and pictures. You all mean the world to us!

These pups and their littermates will be ready to head to their forever homes at the very end of June and there are pups available from this litter. Please reach out to me if you are interested!

Check back tomorrow for more pups from this litter!

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