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Summer Puppies – I doubt there are many word pairings that are happier and more full of potential memories than that. We are having a ball, as always, with these Kindred Pups.

First, I just want to say a quick “thank you” to all of our Kindred Pup families who have brought pups home this year – you guys have been AWESOME and we are so thankful for you and how well you love our pups! And second, thank you to everyone who has shown interest in our program and our dogs or reached out just to pay compliments. We try very hard to be the best labrador breeders we can be, and whether you are reaching out from Colorado or Tennessee or somewhere else, know that we are thankful for your support!

Black lab puppy
Perfect Black Labrador Puppy learning to “sit” and “stay”

So many of you have reached out expressing your interest in a Kindred Pup Labrador but mentioned that the timing isn’t quite right – some have vacations, surgeries, wedding plans etc – and we totally get that! As we reach the peak of summer, we wanted to show you again the AMAZING English Labrador Puppies we have available and let you know that these sweet pups have been started on some wonderful little training sessions!

available black labrador puppy
Picture Perfect Labrador Puppy

Having pups that are older than 8 weeks old still available is new to us, but we are using this time well and have so enjoyed having some playtime with this sweet guys! We’ve begun working on “sit”, “stay”, and “come” – and let me tell you, “come” is my favorite. These adorable labs run with all their might to come to you, smiling all the way, with their thick tails wagging and blocky heads bouncing.

summer puppy

Again you can see how thoroughly our puppies are enjoying our new home in Tennessee. We nestled in to a lovely little spot right in the Smokey Mountains, so we are glad to say that the Mountains are still a part of our lives – a little love from Colorado for us. Colorado labradors, Tennessee labradors – wherever they are, they are a happy breed.

In the photo above you can see the pups are chasing my son around the yard (can you call that a yard?!) and they are LOVING IT. Once they get the idea to follow, we can begin working on “come” which requires they wait for a command and then respond to recall.

black labrador puppies
Gorgeous Lab Puppy at our Kindred Pup puppy school

The sweet little puppy faces make our Kindred Pup “puppy school” all the better.

Here you see that some of the pups got a hang on “stay” before recall better than others. It was so adorable that we had to snap a shot. Don’t worry! They all got it down pretty well! Lots of outdoor time is one of the reasons that summer puppies are so much fun!

labrador puppy tennessee
Pups run to their Meal Time

No training session is complete without LOTS of love and affection. Making sure your puppy knows how much you love them with positive reinforcement and consistent training sessions are a recipe for a happy puppy and a happy home.

Puppy kisses

Some of these pups are available! For info, you can email me or fill out the form below:

You can also see other available puppy information by clicking here!

Our puppies are available now for local pickup in the Nashville, Knoxville or Chattanooga areas. We also have regular transportation options back to Denver, Colorado and an amazing team of puppy nannies that help us get our puppies safely to any major airport in the US.

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