Perfect Labrador Puppy

Two of our favorite dogs of all time have produced the most amazing litter – Jasmine and Fransisco’s Labrador Puppies are a “Don’t miss” it moment. We just had to knock on your door again to show you the amazing quality of these English Black Labrador Puppies!

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But first, let’s highlight Fransisco again, shall we?

Chocolate English Labrador Tennessee
Chocolate Labrador – Fransisco

This beautiful Sire is everything we wanted in a chocolate labrador stud dog. His pedigree is top-notch, his health is excellent, his temperament is the perfect mix of strength and affection and his looks are out of this world. He is genetically clear for the major Labrador diseases through PawPrint genetics, and his hips/elbows are pending “good” or better.

Now on to Jasmine, our “Jazzy”, the Dam

Happy Black Labrador
Jasmine is the happiest dog

Jasmine came to us from overseas, as did most of our breeding dogs. Her lines are stellar, her breeder a well-known labrador judge in Ukraine (who, yes, is fairing ok so far given the Russian/Ukrainian conflict). She is happy (can you tell?!), ready to retrieve anything you ask of her, has a gentle mouth and a willing disposition and a moderate drive. She is genetically clear of labrador diseases and her hips/elbows were rated “excellent” in the Ukraine and are pending their US tests.

Tell me Jasmine and Fransisco’s Labrador Puppies aren’t the cutest you’ve ever seen!?! We are so proud of this Summer’s Kindred Pup litters – Piper and Nala’s pups are amazing, too! (There are just two pups left from theirs, if you are interested!)

We expect pups from this litter to reach an estimated 75-85 pounds (males) and 70-75 pounds (females). They should all thicken out nicely into that blocky, thick, wide-tailed English build we all know and love. (Did you know? An English lab continues to “thicken” until 12-24 months of age!)

Pups have begun their transitions home and inquiries are coming in quickly. I’m trying my best to get back to everyone in a timely fashion, but if you haven’t heard from me in 24 hours, feel free to email again!

Need info on these extraordinary puppies? Fill out the form below.

Until next time. 🙂

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  1. You must be so proud! Such beautiful little pups!

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