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Family Labrador Puppy

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Kindred Pup has been fighting quite the bug over here the past week or so and we’ve not even had a proper chance to update you on Jasmine’s (Available) Puppies!

It’s been a wonderful summer, lots of resettling for us here at Kindred Pup – getting used to a new state and weather patterns and finding a new vet, etc etc. It’s been a whirlwind but we think we are finally getting the hang of it! There are quite a few pups available and we just know that they have their perfect forever homes out there waiting for them! Without further adieu, here are Jasmine’s puppies! (Updated!)

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Miss Orange- Available

Another one of Jasmine’s (Available) Puppies is Miss Orange. She is estimated to reach roughly 70 pounds and is very smart. She responds well to her Kindred Pup puppy School and seems to have a very mature grasp on things.

Black Labrador Puppy

Miss Purple – Available

We estimate that Miss Purple will reach around 70 pounds. She’s moderately active, social and eager to please you. She responds well to treats and belly rubs and is always ready to see something new!

AKC Labrador Puppy

Miss Red – Available

Miss Red is also estimated to reach 70 ish pounds. She is active, happy as can be and up for sport. She will make an excellent partner for the active, outdoorsy family and loves a good cuddle at the end!

Beautiful Lab Puppy

Mr Green – Available

Next in our list of Jasmine’s (Available) Puppies, Mr Green. This boy will reach into the high 70’s and maybe larger and he is a water dog, through and through. His eagerness for adventure and his comedic curiosity will burrow into your heart and I’m sure there’s a family out there with a love for water that can keep up with him.

Available Black Labrador Puppy

Miss Pink – Available

The Valentine of the bunch, this little peanut will be a bit smaller than the rest, estimated to max out in the 60s and let me tell you, she’s a little love. Don’t let her size and sweetness fool you: she’s up for adventure.

Black Labrador Puppy

Mr Blue – Available

This stud is the quintessential labrador puppy: playful, silly to the extreme, will yield anything to a belly rub, loyal to the end. This big boy, estimated to be inching up the 70s toward the 80 pound range, is bound to make any home happier.

Black Lab Male Puppy

Miss Cream – Reserved

This sweet girl is spoken for – her killer puppy dog eyes and sweet and calm demeanor are bound to win over even all the folks who say they “don’t like dogs”. (I mean, if there are any such people.)

Perfect Black Lab Puppy

The world is a crazy place right now – but everything that matters most is right at home. A happy, loving puppy is the gift of a lifetime….

Jasmine's (Available) Puppies

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  1. What are the puppies age now? DOB?

  2. Beautiful puppies!
    I’m interested in one of the boys.

    1. Wonderful! I believe I emailed you back. Let me know if you did not receive it!

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