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the pups had a wonderful time experiencing their first puppy food – a mush mix which looks absolutely revolting to my littlest boys. the room was filled with my children’s sweet voices alternating between “how can they want to eat that, mom?” and “look how cute!” all things considering, the pups didn’t make too bad of a mess.

I’m glad we have a few more weeks with these guys, because they sure are fun! They run and toddle and try to jump a little before toppling over into a pile, rising undeterred and pouncing again. Sometimes they pounce onto another pup. Sometimes they pounce onto nothing at all. They climb and twist and topple and play, and then cuddle up in our laps to take a little snooze.  But our absolute favorite thing is to watch their little tails wag. I will try to get video up here soon.

We have been so thrilled to see all the interest we’ve received in these sweet puppies and to hear what people think of them. while i believe a couple of deposits are pending now, there are still a couple of puppies available from this litter.

Pink Female
Green Male
Puppy’s First Food!
Full after chow time


We can’t wait to meet all our kindred pup families! if your deposit is already in, have you chosen your collar yet from red fern fashions? get your picks to me soon!

We hope everyone is soaking up the Holiday Season. 2018 is almost over!

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  1. Ohhh my gosh…absolutely beautiful litter…how adorable!!! Can’t wait to meet our new forever friend! 🙂

    1. I am certain Rugby will be a great fit for you and Michael! It was a pleasure to meet you!

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