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Ok. While I’ll admit i’m a sucker for yellow labs, i still believe these to be, objectively, some of the cutest little pups i’ve ever seen.

They are getting fluffier by the day, and more and more curious each time they are awake. They fit perfectly under our couch still, but they move faster than a few days ago, so you have to keep an eye on these little squishy pups!

molly is spending more time outside the whelping area now, and the puppies are getting teeth which means weaning is on the agenda soon! soon there will be puppy-food-mush spread all over them as they feel their way through their feeding dish. (they don’t know they don’t eat with their feet for a while…)

They were introduced this week to their litter tray, a new pen area for play time (though they are still spending time in their whelping area), a crate to sleep in (which “Blue” took to immediately!) and individual play sessions. Getting used to spending time without their mama and litter-mates eases the transition from breeder to their forever families.

now on to the part of the post that everyone is waiting for, and perhaps scrolled past all these letters to see: pictures.

“Orange” – Male
“Orange” – Male
“Red” – Female
“Red” – Female


As you can tell, these pics were right before “nail trimming” time.


Until next time!

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