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Puppies, like children, often find the “non-toy” items more interesting than the toys you buy them! My husband and I have often wondered if a good box would be just as appealing as the new toy. But, we give in, and buy the toys anyway.

Toy Shovel

Who wants to play with a chew toy when I can sniff this shovel?

Guard Dog

This pup drags his toy along with him while he patrols the fence for intruders.

Mr. Orange and Miss Red

Who needs a toy when you have your sister? These two romped for several minutes. And, no, just for the record, these pups are not responsible for the chewed siding. That would be our 8 year old, Ginger, from years and years ago. Ha! Thankfully the pups have not discovered how delicious siding can be. yet.

Mr Orange finds his spot

I thought for a while that Mr. orange just loved hanging out under the BBQ. Then I realized that this clever little guy thought he was hiding. He would wait until a sibling was close and then pounce to play before retreating back to his very camouflaged spot. I mean, no one can see him, right?

Puppy Play

Don’t worry; we took away the foam nerf dart right after I snapped the pic. We don’t want any sweet babies choking on the foam! We did an exchange for another toy, and there was a totally peaceful pup without any guarding.


I hope all our families are stocking up on appropriate/allowable things for pups to chew! And keeping in mind that expensive toys aren’t needed. A trip to the thrift store or through your child’s toy box of no-longer-needed-toys will do! Chewing is a totally normal behavior for puppies, and so long as there are enough things to chew on, doesn’t have to be a totally destructive phase.

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