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We have rounded the corner into our last days with these pups and we are all getting a little sentimental over here.

Our oldest son, and the chief puppy lover over here, won’t let himself fully cry; we were going to sell these pups all along, after all. But I catch him with a tear in his eye a little more often these days as he snuggles with the pups. I find him crouched over their sleeping pen talking to them. Laughing with delight as they eat and tumble. His whole face lights up when they run to him at his whistle.

Miss Red tasting some yummy glasses
Mr. Yellow Grooms my son’s hair
Puppy Love
In Heaven

Why my son chose to read through “Where the Red Fern Grows” right now, for the 3rd time, is beyond me. why I allowed it is equally puzzling. Sigh.

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