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The 4th

Happy 4th of July Kindred Pup families! I hope it was a fun day/evening/weekend for you all! Just think: next year you’ll be accompanied by your new four-legged-best-friend!

Thankfully, there weren’t many fireworks to be heard at our house on the 4th, but the dogs and pups did well with the noise that there was. Fireworks were lit off on the surrounding evenings and we were pleasantly surprised that the pups didn’t whine or get scared at all. Of course, a pile of your siblings certainly helps. Our goal is to send these pups home to you stable and confident, so that they are prepared for whatever noises and challenges may come.

A Flu

The night of the 4th I came down with (what I assume was) the flu. I have not been so sore and achy and miserable outside of just after a baby in years. Thankfully my family carried on and kept things running so I was able to rest. Did I tell you how thankful I am for my crew? They’re the best.

And in between taking care of mom and whatever sibling felt ill, these sweet boys and my awesome hubby loved on these puppies at every turn. A nice weekend in was the perfect way to cuddle these little guys – all of whom watched at least one movie on our laps. Lazy weekend. Can you tell?

Mobile Puppies

And as for our little fur babies? Their little Labrador personalities are really beginning to sprout, and they are all mobile now, some faster moving than others, but I expect by next week they’ll be pretty tough to catch! They’re already tempted by the exciting “under the couch” world that seems to draw all puppies. Maybe there are mystical treats under there or a squirrel to chase. There has to be something to draw them all!

At just over three weeks old, the pups have teeth now, have finished their ENS stimulations, have had their first nail clippings and are growing marvelously. Their coloring is gorgeous, their fur as soft as can be, and I just can’t stop gushing over their sweet faces. Even when sick and laying on the couch.

Have you begun shopping for puppy supplies? Do you have a veterinarian? What about your Red Fern collar? Did you find the perfect print? If you have, feel free to send it over! You can add a matching leash at your own cost, if you’d like!

Until next time…

Sweet Male Lab Puppy - 3 weeks old
Mr. Black cracks us up and we’ve taken to calling him Mr. Cool. He is so laid back! At least this far…
Miss Purple is such a sweetheart. Soft, cuddly, and has the Puppy Eyes thing down pat.

Miss Purple and Miss Red together (Purple in the rear) Cuddling is tiring work!

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