I am sure that I’m not the only one reflecting on my favorite summer moments this weekend. The warm (ok, blazing hot) days, fun with the hose and sprinkler and water and rivers, raising sweet puppies, playing lawn games… it’s been a wonderful three months.

And now I’m ready for Fall. Fall is my favorite time of year. Actually, it seems it’s everyone’s favorite time of year. And with good reason! But before we move on to sweaters and cider and knitting, I wanted to share a few of my favorite pictures of Molly from the past couple of weeks.

Boy’s favorite dog – Dog’s favorite boy

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Lots of people ask me, how is Molly after puppies head to their forever homes?

Well, she’s fine, to be honest. Molly checks the whelping/puppy area a time or two the first day it’s empty, and once the next, and then, as weird as it sounds, she settles back into her almost-puppy-like affection and loyalty to her Boy. She adopts a protective, dare I say “responsible” attitude while she is whelping her pups and as soon as they head to their homes she “let’s down her hair”. This sweet dog stays right at our son’s side, following him everywhere, sleeping with him, practicing piano with him, reading with him. She even heads outside to watch him play Spikeball. (It’s our newest lawn game obsession – have you played?! It’s all the rage over here!)

She is such an attentive and protective mama, and so nurturing – she even let the last pup nurse before they went home! And not that she doesn’t love us while the pups are here, but there’s something different – distracted, maybe? – about her while she’s whelping.

Molly watching her Boy

Here is Molly watching a round of the aforementioned Spikeball. It was all too tempting for her to ignore that ball being bounced and hit and spiked everywhere without running too crazy! Don’t worry – we let her play a bit.

She is such a wonderful dog that I simply cannot imagine life without her. I know puppy days can be insane (think Marley and Me!) but it’s so, so, SO worth it.

Are you interested in one of Molly’s pups? We are so thankful for interest in our program and our Girl and have already begun taking names for a waitlist for the next litter. Want to add your name to the list? Or do you have questions? Email me at: kindred.pup@yahoo.com

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What’s your favorite Summer-with-your-Pup memory? Comment below!

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