I am so very excited and proud to show you Nala’s beautiful litter of Yellow Labrador Puppies! These beauties are thick, soft, healthy and sweet. We are so pleased with how they are turning out and can’t wait to watch them as they grow.

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Miss Champagne

Miss Champagne is nearly all white at just 2.5 weeks

Sweet Puppy Dog eyes

Miss Neon

Thick and chunky Yellow Labrador puppy
I LOVE seeing the darker shades of yellow peeking through!

Labrador retrievers come in three colors: Yellow, Chocolate, and Black and don’t let anyone tell you differently.

There is a reason for Kennel Clubs, including the AKC – they help determine the BREED STANDARD and they help to verify which animals have pure lineage. Read what they have to say about colors here.

Black puppies that carry a dilute gene appear as “silver” and are not possible in pure bred Labradors – a “silver” dilute means that somewhere in the ancestry there was a mating that was not a pure bred lab, as the dilute gene is not possible in pure labs. Occasionally dilute chocolates can be “marketed” as “Silver” or some other variant.

Yellow on the other hand is quite different, as the yellow (as shown genetically with two lower case e’s) varies in shade from the polar white all the way to the Fox Red lab, and everything in between. So these sweet puppies you’re seeing here are in fact beautiful Yellow Labrador Puppies; the “white” appearance on some of them is just a very light coloring of yellow.

Ok, back to cuteness.

Miss Orange

Taking pictures is so tiring! Yellow Labrador Girl taking a very lazy picture
Love the profile on this beautiful English Lab Puppy

Miss Pink

Miss Curious – Yellow Labrador puppy at 2 1/2 weeks old
Just… so… tired…

Mr Black

The darkest of the litter, Mr Black is still a very light colored Labrador

This thick boy is going to be a stud – English Labrador at its finest

Mr Blue

This confident little puppy blew me away today – his gorgeous fur and thick body are amazing
Thick & Blocky English Labrador Head

Mr Light Blue

Stunning White Labrador Coat
Beautiful labrador Puppy
That profile is incredible!

We are so very proud of this litter already and the amazing puppies our program is producing. Every single litter we all fight over our favorites and people in our family argue over which one we “have” to keep. So very thankful for all of you who have entrusted us with this most important choice! Get ready! Pick time will be here before you know it!

Stay tuned! More updates coming! Until then…

Again – a big shout out to Karen at Heatherdowns Labradors for lending us her sweet boy as Papa to this litter! Thank you!

Interested in one of our puppies? We will have puppies available later this year! If you want to be kept in the know, Subscribe below so that you don’t miss an update! (Oh, and BTW, make sure my emails aren’t going to your SPAM folder!)

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