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Piper’s litter of English Labrador Puppies has so beautifully exceeded our expectations, and this post is just for Piper’s boys.

These strapping pups are thick, blocky, confident, and un-phased with every challenge we’ve thrown at them. We’ve been so very grateful to have these little pups around these past 5 weeks, and we can’t wait to show you their pictures!

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Without further ado:

Mr Forest Green

Black Labrador Puppy – he knows he’s cool
This puppy’s curious face and unshakable confidence are SO fun!

This guy is at the height of his confidence right now – he seems to set the emotional tone for the group, “plays it cool” almost all of the time, and in general handles our challenges without fuss.

Mr Blue

Male Labrador Puppy – posing like a pro

I can’t believe how happy I am to have captured this photo – the crossed paws is one of my favorite things and I’m glad MR Blue was obliging during his photo shoot.

Perfect Chunky Face

Mr Blue is such a sweet balance of sweetness and toughness. We’ve just loved watching this guy go after his toys and then run up to cuddle in our laps.

Mr Yellow

Up for a challenge – this little boy never loses composure
Stunning English Lab Profile

Mr Yellow is a curious pup – always interested in what we are doing and wanting to be companion to whatever activity.

Mr Gray

Lab Puppy’s are the BEST

This little boy just steals the heart! He’s sweet and affectionate and knows exactly how to “flirt”!

Loving his Puppy Cuddles

Mr Light Green – chocolate male

The perfect Chocolate Puppy
“Yes, mama?”

This little guy has really come out of his shell the last week or so! He’s still a hair more timid than his brothers, but we see the buds of confidence as he masters each obstacle we’ve given him.

Table Time

We spend time with each puppy putting them in situations that are new for them – we watch for insecurities and unsteadiness and don’t push a puppy beyond their limits! Our goal is to introduce obstacles and challenges to them in the right balance so that they learn confidence. A confident puppy is an easy-to-train puppy and an easy-to-train puppy is a HAPPY puppy.

We are thrilled with how these pups all did with their outside time (no untreated grass yet as they aren’t vaccinated!) and how they did with their challenges this week. So far we’ve seen a very stable, eager-to-please group of English Labrador Puppies who are just about the cutest things around.

Thank you, as always, for trusting us with your puppy! Pick spots are soon! And that means spots will be opening up! Subscribe below if you are interested in an upcoming Kindred Pup puppy!

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