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I am so very proud to present to you our Adrian’s sweet pups, 6 chocolates and 3 blacks, and all as cute as buttons.

Piles are the most comfy

Adrian had 6 chocolate Labrador Puppies – 3 females and 3 males, and 3 black Labrador Puppies – 2 Females and 1 male. They are so cute and thick and have proven to be a very strong bunch thus far.

Sibling Puppy Cuddles

Adrian is the most petite of our females, weighing in at 58 pounds. She is petite and sweet as can be. One of our families used a phrase today that PERFECTLY suits Adrian: She’s a LAPrador. Tom is the sire of this litter and a big boy, 85 ish pounds. Males tend to lean more toward the size of their dad and females lean more toward the size of their mom – although we expect to see these females be slightly bigger than Adrian full grown.

I LOVE their shiny coats and peaceful faces
Newborn Lab Puppies are my favorite

These pups will be ready to head to their forever families July 13th, so if you are on our list for a chocolate or black puppy, start looking at your schedules! I will be reaching out to you in just a couple of weeks to see who is interested in this beautiful litter.

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