Fiona’s beautiful Labrador Puppies – ready to be picked this weekend!

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English Labrador Puppies are available

We cannot express the gratitude we feel for all of our wonderful families – for trusting us with this most important decision; for loving their Kindred Pups so well; for keeping in touch with us. The dedication of our families has been astounding.

As we head into the second half of this year, it looks like we will have available puppies in all three colors. More information will be forthcoming as pregnancies are confirmed and births occur, but for now, I thought I’d share some of our very favorite pics of our past pups…. just so you can experience the wonder that is English Labrador Puppies.

Gorgeous Black English Labrador Puppy
Labrador Puppies are the BEST puppies

We are happy that our program has produced such excellent puppies, and are proud of the work we do to bring them home.

One of our amazing chocolate pups from Spring 21

Beautiful Polar White English Labrador
One of our sweet Chocolate Lab Puppies, all comfy in her forever home

I’ll be sharing more pics and updated info in the days and weeks to come. Please subscribe to our blog below if you want info about available labrador puppies – including Christmas time go-home.

Until next time

Want more info? Here’s a little more about us at Kindred Pup:

  • We have worked diligently to find some of the best Labradors in the world for our program, bringing the excellence of the European and Asian lines to the US
  • We have made sure we make educated decisions about the breeding pairs we select, giving pups from our program the very best chance we can at a long, happy and healthy life
  • We work hard daily to make sure our pups are loved, socialized, monitored and that any particular weaknesses are known and addressed in our pups. This is something that really makes Kindred Pup stand apart from the rest!
  • We have tried to make communication a high priority, also unusual in the breeding world
  • We have structured our deposit/reservation list in such a way to allow for maximum flexibility while allowing people to reserve their place in line (Want more info? Email us!)
  • We offer labradors in the three main colors: yellow, chocolate and black, and we also offer the rare and stunning Polar White puppies
  • We have pups from our program that have been used as support animals, service animals, business logos, best friends and everything in between
  • With children in the home in a wide range of ages, our pups gain experience early on with toddlers and young children which helps aid their transition to a new home
  • We have worked tirelessly to streamline our “go-home” process and “pick process” to make it as easy as possible and prioritizing the health of our puppies and mamas

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