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Here’s part two of our Available Lab Puppy spotlights AND a new puppy training video of our sweet pups doing some very early “Manding” training. We will show off some new photos, drop a short video, link to a few of our favorite things and embed our newest YouTube video on our Kindred Pup channel which highlights Manding. We love using this technique with our pups and we always hope that our families continue it as we believe it’s a lifesaver!

Here you will see some of this early training with a 10 week old lab (Mr Orange from Fiona, he’s available!) and an 8 week old lab (Miss Yellow from Jasmine, she’s available!). You can see how much better the 10 week old labrador puppy is at this early training session. Those early weeks puppies just SOAK up the training sessions like sponges and it’s a very critical time to work with your pup. This is good reason to not neglect that early training once your puppy is home AND to choose a good breeder who is helping set the stage for these sweet puppies.

I’ll give the Available Lab Puppy spotlights and a new puppy training video (below!) Early Training Session for more information on how we do that here.

Mr Orange – Available Male Labrador

Available Male Yellow Labrador

Mr Orange are more independent than the other puppies, but still very affectionate and enjoys being with people. He is taking very well to his training with us (See video below!) and I imagine will transition well into any home.

  • He is medium in color compared to his littermates which is still a very light yellow. (Slightly darker than he looks in the photos, slightly lighter than he looks in the video below)
  • I expect he will respond well to training and have a medium “stubborn” streak on the lab spectrum. (Labradors are already medium on the stubborn streak… lol!) 
  • He has a medium width/blockiness to him, will be “English” in style, and a very short profile and thick tail. 
  • I have no concerns about his going to any type of home.

Miss Yellow – Available Black Lab Female

Available Black Labrador Puppy

The Yellow COLLARED female we call Miss Happy. She’s the biggest of the females, and should max out in the high 60 pound range. She has a white patch on her chest which I love. (It is allowed by AKC in black labs and is considered something of a “birth mark”.)  She’s shiny, seems to “prance” when she walks (it’s truly so funny). She’s smart and determined but responds well to redirection and has done very well in her early “puppy school” with us here at Kindred Pup. I imagine she will fit nicely into any home, but will be happiest in a social and at least moderately active home.

You’ll see Miss Yellow below, hanging with my son during homework.

Can you believe how sweet these puppies are?! They are ready to go home now! Let me know soon if you are in Colorado and interested in a puppy. I’m heading back to Colorado next week. Fill out the form below or Email me at:


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Information about available puppies:

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While we use a variety of treats and kibble for our puppies, we LOVE these treats and highly recommend trying them with your pups. Remember, as I said in the video above, when training young labrador puppies, you really have to put the treat all the way in their mouth until they get used to the process! Thank you for checking out our Available Lab Puppy spotlights and a new puppy training video!

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