Available Male Yellow Labrador Puppy

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today we are doing a Spotlight on Available English Labrador Puppies and I am so so happy to introduce you to these sweet pups! We have a few available right now, but today’s spotlight is on Mr Silver and Mr Blue from Fiona and Hank’s litter. They are 10 weeks old now and ready to go home any time.

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I’ll be heading to Asheville, NC on Saturday, and Colorado next Tuesday to deliver pups. Let me know if you live there!

Mr Dark Blue

As stated in a prior blogpost, here’s our Personality Assessment for Mr Dark Blue:

This boy is all things lab. He’s silly, funny, lazy, snuggly, and LOVES LOVES LOVES to play. His creamy coat and darker ears are just precious and his stocky and strong body make him the quintessential English Labrador puppy. 

  • He has a creamy coat with darker tips on his ears and nose, on the darker side
  • Low on the stubbornness, medium on the activity, medium on the intelligence scales
  • Endlessly entertaining 
  • Blocky and stocky, very English build
  • Larger size
  • I have no concerns about his transition to any type of home

Here are the photos of this sweet boy yesterday, at 10 weeks of age:

Available Yellow Labrador Puppy
Mr Silver (LEFT) and Mr Dark Blue (RIGHT)

Mr Silver (RESERVED)

Here is our personality assessment for Mr Silver:

This studly boy is a beauty. A light-medium yellow, with honey looking accents, and the sweetest little puppy dog face. He’s active, strong, and a confident little guy. 

  • Medium yellow in color with creamy sides and back
  • Medium stubbornness, medium-high trainability
  • Larger side
  • Medium cautiousness, low fear
  • Sweet and affectionate, social 
  • Medium on the activity scale
Yellow English Labrador Puppy Available
Available Male Lab Puppies
Silver (LEFT) and Dark Blue (RIGHT)

One of our sweet Kindred Pup families passed along this video of this beautiful puppy – one of Aspen and Hank’s – who is just about a month older than these sweet pups. Look at how far you can come in such a short time! A trained puppy is a happy puppy. 🙂

Lots of people end up at their wits end with a pup early on because of a few, easily fixable mistakes. Let’s touch on a few of those here:

Allowing the pup to rule the house

Now, don’t get me wrong, most of our families allow their dogs to sleep on the couch or even in their bed; they go on family vacations; they ride shotgun in the car etc. This is NOT a presumptive way to tell you whether that will fit with your family or not. BUT, in an effort to love our labs as family members, lots of people forget that dogs are pack animals and they need structure. When they don’t feel there is a dominant “leader” in the home, they tend to act out in unpleasant ways. Sometimes that manifests as pottying in the house, sometimes as over aggression, sometimes as separation anxiety. What puppies need is a patient but authoritative hand to show them that you’re in charge. Being prepared with the right mindset and attitude is half the battle to having an enjoyable puppy/dog in the home. Want to read more? Here are a few helpful articles – please keep in mind, Kindred Pup in no way endorses everything that is said herein.

Utilize the crate

As most of you know, I am a big believer in crate training. Even if you intend for your dog to have free roam of your home, your pup should still be comfortable inside of a crate for times where it is necessary. Whether an unexpected trip comes up, or you’re utilizing the crate for an overly “bitey” teething puppy, you need to know that the puppy is familiar with crates and doesn’t see them as a negative thing. THIS MUST BE DONE EARLY. English Labrador Puppies from Kindred Pup are introduced to the crates here and we leave it a very positive experience. Be patient – they’ll get the hang of it. 🙂


Continue Manding training

Your pups will have been started on “Manding” training. I’ve been meaning to do a video on this for some time, and I believe we got a few minutes of it here today that I’ll try to post tomorrow.

It’s a lifesaver! Don’t miss out!

Now that you’ve read the Spotlight on our Available English Labrador Puppies, would you like more info? You can submit the form below or write me at:
info@kindredpup.com for more information.

Until next time….

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