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The Girls

**Edit: This post was supposed to go live a couple of days ago, and didn’t for some reason. I’m sorry about that! I am publishing it now for you to see! Swoon!

Nala’s litter is now 4 1/2 weeks old and have begun eating food and spending lap time with us outside their box and away from mom. They are still quite uncertain of this big wide world, but are content in our laps and spend most of the time just licking our faces and enjoying the cuddles. We are loving this time with our pups and it is so fun to see the different litters at their different stages. Ok, ok…. ready for some puppy pictures?

Miss Orange

English Lab – 4 weeks old
Perfect English Labrador Profile

Miss Champagne

This girl has puppy dog eyes for days!
How can you say “no” to that face?!

Miss Pink

Oh.My.Dear. I cannot get over this girl.

Labrador Puppy Love

Neon Green

English Lab Puppy Sweetness
These girls are KILLING it with the profiles!

We are beginning to see their blossoming personalities and can’t wait to start sharing our observations soon! We have been amazed to see how wonderfully stable these sweet pups have been – all year in fact! I have reason to believe that has more than a little to do with us – it’s a goal in our program to raise emotionally stable puppies – and they really, really have been.

If, in the process of our communication and your Zoom visits, you hear me remarking on how stable and chill they are over and over again, that’s why!

Zoom visits will be scheduled for the week of June 14th – so get ready families! 🙂

Until next time.

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