Kindred Pups are LOVED pups

I cannot believe our time with this wonderful litter is almost over! We have been BUSY BUSY BUSY over here doing our training/teaching time with the pups, organizing paperwork, and getting ready for these little ones to head to their homes. We could not be more thrilled with this litter and how they’ve done with all our exposure exercises – I’ll write more about that in a future post – but, before I put my computer away for a few hours today, I wanted to share these beautiful pups with you. Here are Piper’s beautiful labrador boys:

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Mr Gray

Cuddly, confident and sweet as can be, Mr Gray handled all of the new types of “ground” we put him on this week MARVELOUSLY well. From rocks to concrete to wood decking, he handled it all graciously and cautiously and was ready to play and then cuddle at the end. Love this boy!

Mr Green

Mr Green was a stud, as always, and decided to pull out all the stops on his “puppy dog eyes” for our mini photo session at the end of our ground work exercises. He had no fear – although he did seem awfully confused about wood chips, ha! What a beautiful pup!

Mr Mowgli – Chocolate male

This little chocolate boy, who is now named “Mowgli” is such a doll. Every new ground work we did this week was met with a “what are we doing now, mom?” type of look and I have to say I’m just such a sucker for this little guy’s pout. It’s a good thing he’s not staying; he would end up such a spoiled dog!

Mr Blue

Mr Blue was the most active of all our pups out on the rocks and sidewalk today and by the time I grabbed my camera he was tuckered out. He was actually nodding off the whole time and my son refused to put him down once he was asleep. This sweet boy loves to romp and loves to nap on your lap. Can’t wait to see him all grown up!

Mr Yellow

Mr Yellow is just such a great dog. He handled each new “challenge” with courage, was content in our laps, chased a butterfly for a few minutes, and then hunkered down for a few sweet puppy kisses. This boy is bound to attract attention wherever he goes.

Thank you all for following along with me and Piper’s beautiful litter! One more post will follow with the girls.

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