As promised, here are some photos of our sweet Girls. I am so thrilled to have met all our Kindred Pup families over the past weeks and I’m happy to say I think we’ve found some wonderful people. Thank you all, again, for trusting us with your pups! Here’s some yummy photos of your beautiful girls!

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Miss Orange

Miss Orange was not so sure about her height challenges. She took to it very cautiously and you could see the victory all over her face when she finally shut down her worry about it. This litter has the most gorgeous shade of chocolate in their coats! Way to go, Miss Orange! So proud of you!

Miss Purple

While Miss Purple LOVED her cuddle session after her ground work, she was simply too cute in her poses for me to not share multiple photos from that. This girl, more cautious than her brothers but not at all afraid, took to her challenges this week beautifully. We love her sweet face and her confident attitude.

Miss Beige

Another one of our pups who tuckered out after her excitement in the grass, rocks and wood chips – Miss Beige was so soft and cuddly and she is just such a great cuddle buddy. Her new family exposed me to the phrase “Lap-rador” – I LOVE it, and it’s just perfect for her.

Miss Red

This girl is SO smart. She finds her way through challenges without effort, she “herds” her littermates at meal time and pen clean up, she comes in and plays “referee” between other pups – we have been so pleased with her Little Miss In Charge attitude and LOVE that those traits don’t interfere with her affection and desire to cuddle. Look out world! Miss Red is here.

Thank you, again and again for your confidence in our program. We are THRILLED with their progress and the types of puppies we’ve been producing. I’m stepping away from the computer this afternoon but I’ll be back in touch on Monday. Our last nights of puppy cuddles with this litter is upon us… we are thankful there are more here at home.

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