Yellow English Labrador
Gorgeous Yellow English Lab Puppy

Kindred Pup has AVAILABLE English Labrador puppies? Ready to go before Christmas!? This is so unusual! I am shocked that this litter hasn’t been scooped up. Their coloring and profiles are AMAZING. Their coats could make a stuffed animal jealous. They are sweet, fun and calm (relatively speaking, of course). These pups are waiting for their new best friends…. write me for info!

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**Update: Mr Black and Mr Light Blue have been spoken for**

Mr Black (Reserved)

Primary traits: Leader, independent, calm, intelligent

Gorgeous Yellow Male Labrador Pup

Mr Green

Primary traits: Medium/Large build, intelligent, playful

Perfect English Profile

Mr Blue

Primary traits: Sweet, affectionate, up for anything

Light Blue (RESERVED)

Primary Traits: Intelligent, Calm and cool, mature

Beautiful English Lab male

Mr Orange

Primary traits: Smart, playful, affectionate

Gorgeous English Lab male

Mr Silver

Primary traits: Strong, peace-maker, always happy

Happy Lab Pup

Did you miss our post on the girls? Two of those females are spoken for, but one is available as of now. You can see the post here.

These are Kindred Pup’s LAST PUPPIES AVAILABLE this year. Don’t miss out on these sweet babes!

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