Hi all! I know it’s been a bit since we had a post, but I wanted to tell you all about our Three Available English Labrador Males. These yellow labs are from our Fiona and Hank litter and are 15 weeks old now. We’ve enjoyed seeing their personalities bloom and watching them stomp in the mud on our rainy days. I’ll post some photos and personality assessments here for your review, but as always, if you believe one of these available labrador puppies is for you, you can reach out to me by email HERE or fill out the inquiry form below. And now, onto our Three Available English Labrador Males!

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“Rooster” at 15 weeks old

  • Light creamy coloring with light golden tips on ears, nose and back
  • Dark eyes and tissue make for a striking contrast
  • Medium to Large build, estimated to reach up to 80 pounds full grown
  • Above average intelligence, moderate energy, responds well to commands
  • Will transition well into any home
  • Loves balls and “tug toys” equally
Three Available English Labrador Males

“Duke” – at 15 weeks old

  • Medium in color, very soft coat
  • Very low key energy level (on the lab spectrum)
  • Eager to please
  • Affectionate
  • Focused, loves to keep his nose to the ground, ha!
  • Responds well to treats
  • Enjoys Belly Rubs
  • Will transition well into any home, but seems to lean more toward the easy-going-couch lab than the hunting-hiking lab
Available English Labrador Puppy
Calm English Lab Puppy
A little tribute to Duke

Colt – at 15 weeks

  • Creamy coloring with slightly darker accents
  • Moderate energy levels (on the lab spectrum)
  • The most convincing “puppy dog eyes” you’ve ever seen – good luck
  • Sweet as can be with a “gentle mouth” (again, on the lab spectrum)
  • Soft coat
  • Will transition well into any home
Available Labrador Puppy
Male Yellow Labrador Puppy

That’s our Three Available English Labrador Males! If you believe one of these sweet boys is right for you, email me for details or fill out the form below. We also have one black female that I’ll be sending out soon – she’s a higher energy level, sweet as can be, and absolutely darling. Stay tuned!

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