Have you ever looked up what proper Labrador conformation is? It is a fascinating list of requirements. The Labrador retriever Club is pretty serious about our breed – and the requirements are stringent. (Does your labrador pass the test?)

While there are numerous requirements and a list of traits to analyze for a dog, here are the ideal proportions for Labradors as presented by the American Kennel Club, and the Labrador parent club: The Labrador Retriever Club.

We love labradors! Their silly dispositions, friendly faces and loyal and protective natures endear us to them.

What’s funny, though, is that in our experience the AKC standards and other club standards don’t seem to be what the average family is looking for in a Labrador Retriever. I would say half the families I speak with want a lab puppy that is going to be as big as possible. Manny is 94 pounds, and Molly is around 80, which means both of them would be disqualified on account of being “too big”. To me, though? They are PERFECT.

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Colorado is famous for its active lifestyle. Does that change the desired traits in a dog? Our dogs all play and cuddle the same, regardless of who is bigger and who is smaller, although their personalities and tastes vary some.

Our sweet Nala is smaller than Molly – but such a gorgeous lab we just fell in love. I guarantee you, anyone who says they don’t like dogs would change their minds in 10 minutes with Nala. As it turns out, she fits right into the AKC and Kennel Club standards for pure-bred Labrador Retrievers. Well done, Nala!

Sweet Nala, at profile

To be honest, we breed with three goals in mind:

  1. Because we love it
  2. Because a well-bred, and well-raised dog makes a house a home
  3. Primarily as pets, not for show-homes

We look at genetics, dispositions, trainability, beauty and our bond between them.

With that in mind, we try to keep within the AKC and Kennel Club standards. But, our primary goal is that loving owners receive a healthy, beautiful, stable pet – one who is loved from birth the way they will love it until death.

So… what are your thoughts? Do you like labs on the bigger side? The smaller? Do you agree with the Kennel Club’s measurements on the “perfect labrador”? I’d LOVE to hear from you!

Interested in an upcoming litter? Check here for info on our upcoming litters and deposit info, and feel free to email any questions you may have for me! Inquiries are heavy right now, so forgive me if it takes a bit to get back to you.

I’ll post again soon about keeping your labrador’s weight under control – which can be quite the battle! Check back soon!

Until then,

Kindred Pup

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