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Veterinary appointments. Scheduling breeding times. Chatting with people and families looking for their new puppy. Making sure that Molly gets that extra bit of attention she’s hungry for while in heat.

This is what fills our days over here. As busy as it is preparing for a breeding and litter, I’ve been a little thankful for some distraction, given the state of the world. I’ll just say – I hope everyone of our Kindred Pup families are staying healthy and safe!

We are SO THANKFUL at the interest we’ve received in this breeding. Thank you all!

As of now, the first pick male spot is taken, and the first two female spots are pending. We will take one more male spot, and possibly one more spot if the family is open to either male or female.

I am also putting names on our waiting list for families/people beyond these deposit spots. Please let me know if you’d like to be on the list!

More information will be forthcoming, and I hope I’ll have a “date” announcement for you soon!

Here’s a pic of our girl this weekend, is everyday the weekend now?, watching us do some lawn work. She was thrilled to play while we needed breaks, but pretty much just wanted to be with us whatever we were doing. She wasn’t much help shoveling rocks, though. LOL!

Happy Molly…

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